The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skin Care

Calling all Moms, Natural Beauty Junkies, and Holistic Health Nuts…

Finally, A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started Making Your Own Skincare Products at Home.

A Simple Step by Step Guide to Create your own Products at home…So you can Save Money and have the peace of Mind that your Skin Care Products are Safe, Healthy, and Won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Dear Fellow Moms & Natural Skin Care lovers,  Quick question for you… Have you ever wished you could make your own personal care products at home but:

 You don’t know how?

 You are not sure how to get started?

 You are worried that you will mess it up and waste the ingredients you bought?

 You don’t want to purchase ingredients online and have to pay expensive shipping fees?

 You don’t have the time to make them?

 You don’t have any recipes or the time to research all the methods?

Many people who want to start making their own products rarely do because these things are holding them back. Most shell out big bucks for the so-called natural products in health food stores that really aren’t all that natural. Most of the products you will find still have chemical additives in them and might not be much better then conventional products.

Why is it so hard to find chemical-free and healthy personal care products at a reasonable price??

As frustrating as this can be, there is a simple solution.

The problem is that while so many moms and natural beauty believers say they would like to make their own products at home they keep themselves stuck in a pattern of purchasing products for too much money that can only…

 Keep you stuck wasting money on expensive products

 Keep you forced to use products that aren’t 100% organic, natural, or chemical free

 Keep you overwhelmed with reading every label on the products you purchase

It’s not your fault! 

If these feelings sound familiar, please don’t beat yourself up. You have probably been using these products your whole life or at least as long as you have learned about the effects of harmful chemicals and you are just trying to do the best thing for yourself and your family. 

There is just one problem with this…

You are still spending too much money and not getting the best possible products you can get.

I have spent hundreds of dollars experimenting with different recipes, ingredients, and methods of making homemade skin care products. After keeping meticulous notes and records of everything I have put together an eBook about everything that worked for me so you won’t have to waste your time and money with the things that don’t work.


Here is the key concept:


Creating personal care products yourself that fit your specific needs for A LOT less money then you are spending now with (most) ingredients you probably already have in your house.

This is a simple, easy to follow guide that gives you the details you need to get started right away. The benefits you will receive from this book are:


You will save money on a monthly basis due to the cost savings of these recipes

 You will gain the confidence to start making products right now

 You will have healthier looking skin from using 100% natural products with no chemicals

 Your will have less exposure to chemicals and toxins for you and family members


So you can see the easiest and most economical way to get better quality products, better skin, less toxins and a cheaper price is to start making them yourself ASAP.

But here is the problem…

As easy as it is to make your own products its not always easy to get started when you have never done it before. Maybe you have tried recipes before and things never turned out the way you wanted. Or, Maybe you are overwhelmed with what recipes to use, what ingredients to buy, or how the process works. Whether you have tried to make your own products or not, I have a question for you…

Does the idea of making your own products seem like a cool idea you have in your head but you’ll never actually be able to do it?

  You might be thinking, “You can do it because you have all this knowledge that I don’t already have.” Or, “I don’t have any extra money for expensive ingredients to purchase.” You might be thinking that you don’t have enough time to research recipes and go through the process of trial and error? or you might be nervous that if you try to make a few things and mess up you will waste the ingredients?

What if you had a Guide that would explain how to use ingredients you probably already have on hand that you can use and step by step instructions on how to get started?

  I’m going to simplify the whole process for you and help you start making your own personal care products at home so you can start putting money back in your own pocket and stop overpaying for products.

I’ll take all the guesswork out of:

How to cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils How to save hundreds of dollars making your own face moisturizers Learn how your diet effects the look of your skin Learn about different ingredients you can use that might already be in your pantry

I’m giving you every step you need in order to make your very own luxurious organic skin and body care products at home.


You are about to get my entire set of instructions and recipes that will create products for fractions of what it costs to buy them in a health food store!

Here is a real life calculation using my own recipe calculator. I took my recipe for Lavender Body Lotion (it makes 26 oz) and calculated the cost to make it…  

If you compare this cost of $6.87 for 26 oz of lotion (which comes to $0.26 per ounce) to the cost of “natural” lotions you can buy online you will see how much money you can really save!

If you want to SAVE money and get the BEST possible quality this is the answer!



The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skin Care”


Take a look inside at the table of contents…


This eBook includes over 20 recipes that can all be modified and customized to fit your individual skin’s needs


Here’s what you will learn in this eBook:


How diet & lifestyle choices effect the look of your skin

The ingredients that you can use in your products (and most of them are things you probably already have on hand) 

How to make herbal infused oils for your products

How to effectivly wash your face without stripping it of its natural oils

Detailed instructions and recipes on how to make over 20 different items for your face, body, hair and for kids

A list of resources where I find the best quality ingredients online


If that wasn’t enough…I am adding some awesome little bonuses as well!!


BONUS # 1: The Holistic Mama’s Recipe Calculator.

This is the exact calculator I used to show you the above example. This excel tool will help you see the cost savings on each individual recipe you make. If you change the oils to meet your own needs you can calculate the recipe based on your exact recipe. This is an awesome tool!

BONUS # 2: Audio Class Recording: How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

A very important part to having great skin is the quality of the food that you eat. A common objection to eating a healthy diet is that there is a misconception that eating healthy is expensive…when done right, its actually cheaper! This audio class recording of my teleclass discusses some money saving tips for eating healthy.


Price: $19

There is no risk because you are protected by my money back guarnantee!

I am confident that you will love this eBook and you will be thrilled with what you learn. I also know that if you use the recipes outlined in this book you will see a return on your investment immediately. The money that you will save will pay for this book 10 times over.

It is my pleasure to offer you a complete 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.  All you need to do is contact me and let me know what you were not satisfied with and I will refund your investment no questions asked.

Price: $19