DIY Natural Alternative for Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

how to make hand soap

Since school has been out my children have been playing outside in the backyard non-stop. They’ve been digging in the dirt, making mud pies, watering the gardens, and playing with our chickens, so as you can imagine, it’s pretty dirty. I’ll put it this way, there has been a lot of hand washing going on in my house lately.

Almost everywhere you go these days you’ll see anti-bacterial hand wash in the bathroom. I’m talking about the commercial products with synthetic anti-bacterial chemicals like triclosan. Triclosan is polluting our water and damaging aquatic life. It’s been discovered that it alters hormone regulation in animals (and possibly in humans) and may be a contributing factor to the newly forming superbugs. Even the FDA has stated on it’s website that┬áthere is a possibility that triclosan contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

The overuse of chemicals like triclosan is bad for the earth and the life it supports. Each time these products are used it contributes just a little bit more to the pollution and the ever expanding superbugs. In ┬ámy opinion, it should be outlawed, but government agencies still claim there isn’t enough evidence to say it should be avoided.

So What Can Informed Consumers, like you and I, Do?

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Two Ways to Make Your Own Healthy Perfume

two ways to make healthy perfume

If you’ve ever worked in an office full of women who are really into fashion, beauty, and trends (like I have) then you know how it feels to spend your day breathing in a variety of different perfumes and fragrances. It can be nauseating. Honestly, it only takes one person in a small enclosed space who layers on the perfume to make it unbearable.

The reason isn’t because it smells bad (although some of them do smell really bad) it’s because of how the fragrances make us feel. Headaches, dizziness, and a feeling of being light-headed are common reactions as well as nausea, fatigue and irritability. These are all reactions to the synthetic cocktail you’ll find in popular fragrance products.

The truth is that fragrance makers do not have to disclose what they use in their product. They can use virtually any chemical and do not have to put it on the label. When you purchase a fragrance, it could contain any number of the 3,100 or so stock chemical ingredients used by the fragrance industry. The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment, explains:Continue Reading

Essential Oils That Help Keep the Bugs Away

essential oils that keep the bugs away

As soon as the first sunny Spring day hit, my kids have been outside. When we get home school, they run right into the backyard without even coming inside. My biggest struggle has been just getting them to come in and eat dinner! I absolutely love that they like to play outside. Some of my best memories from childhood are from those warm summer evenings when all of the neighborhood kids were running around until our parents made us come in to go to bed.

Of course as a kid, I never worried about a thing. Bug bites happened but they seemed to be a minor annoyance that came along with all of the fun we were having. Being on the other side now as a parent, I’m glad they are having fun, but I do get concerned about the bugs.

My daughter especially reacts quite strongly to bites. They swell up and become large itchy bumps for a week or better (the best remedy for that has been tea tree oil or my handmade salve). They bother her to the point where sometimes it disturbs her sleep. Not only are they itchy and annoying but we have diseases, like West Nile Virus, to worry about too.

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How to Choose Toxin-Free Personal Care Products

how to choose toxin free personal careA healthy diet is usually the first place that we start when making changes towards living a healthy lifestyle. Diet is so important to our health and well being because the foods we eat are absorbed into our systems and create the cells in our body. A secondary part of a healthy lifestyle is looking at the products that we are putting ON on bodies. The personal care products we use on a daily basis are also being assimilated into our bodies. About 60% of what you put on your skin is being absorbed into your bloodstream. The biggest problem with this is that most personal care products on the market are filled with chemicals and many of them have health implications.

There are no requirements for companies to prove that the chemicals they are using in their products are safe to use. It is up to us to be informed consumers and investigate all the products we buy to make sure they are safe.

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3 Toxic Household Products That Really Scare Me are so many toxic products in our homes today. Products that we don’t even think twice about buying and keeping in our homes for long periods of time are toxic. Even products we purchase for our little newborn infants are highly toxic – how crazy does that sound? It’s scary but it’s the truth. This is one of the many facts that make being a parent stressful in today’s environment.

Outside of the home it’s nearly impossible to protect our families from toxins, they are everywhere we go. This is why it’s so important to try to control the toxins within our homes. Our homes are where our children spend the most amount of their time and it’s an enclosed space where toxins can be either trapped in or kept out (as best we can) which is why it’s the best place to start detoxing your life.

When families first start to make changes towards a more toxin-free lifestyle it can be very overwhelming. There is a very long list of things that should be replaced by non-toxic alternatives but doing it all at once is nearly impossible. In fact, when my clients try to do a complete overhaul all at once it usually backfires. They get too overwhelmed and give up. It’s best to choose 1-3 things to change at a time. Once you’ve mastered those changes, move on to change a few more things and eventually you’ll have a much less toxic home.

Each home and each family is different so the first thing that needs to change is not the same for everyone but there are three things that I believe are among the top 10 toxic products you should eliminate now.

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This Medicine Might be Why Your Child Can’t Kick That Cold

kick that cold

When your child gets sick there are a number of responses from the body that show up as cold symptoms. These responses are natural ways that the body is trying to fight infection, remove toxins and promote healing. A fever is the body’s way of killing off germs, mucus is there as a vehicle to bring germs out of the body, so should these things really be suppressed? The most common way of dealing with a cold is by taking cold medicine, cough suppressant, Tylenol, or decongestants. These are used in an effort to make the cold more bearable but in reality it might be making the cold last longer.

Decongestants seem like a good idea, especially when your child is so congested they can’t even sleep. They do clear up a lot of mucus and get your child breathing but its only a temporary relief that makes the cold last longer then it would otherwise.

So why are decongestants a bad idea?

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