Hair Detangling Spray Recipe

One of the biggest struggles I have with my daughter is getting her to let me brush her hair. She has beautiful curly hair that gets awfully tangled no matter what I do. I remember having this same experience as a child and hated having my hair brushed and giving my Mother a  hard time about it. To make this a little easier I’ve been trying some recipes for a hair detanlging spray.

When I was growing up we used to use Johnson & Johnson’s No More Tangles – which I would NEVER use now. The ingredients are far from natural, here is what is listed on the label – Water , Behentrimonium Methosulfate , Sodium Benzoate , Dimethicone , Hydroxyethyl Behenamidopropyl Dimonium Chloride , Polysorbate 20 , Cetearyl Alcohol , Trisiloxane , Ceteth 10 , Laureth 4 – none of that sounds like anything I would like to spray on my daughter’s head. All of these ingredients are listed in EWG’s Skin Deep database and range from scores of 0-3, some possible concerns with these ingredients are skin and eye irritation and organ toxicity. Based on that I decided to make my own (as usual).

This is the first recipe I tried and it seems to work quite well. It is also quick and easy to put together – since I had all the ingredients already on hand.

Hair Detangler Recipe

Add all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Generously spray hair with this recipe and brush. Here is how my daughter’s hair looks after using this spray…

It really helps get out the knots and make the process A LOT easier. To her it’s like magic, she says when I use the spray it doesn’t hurt as much.

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Do you use a hair detangling spray? What is your recipe?



  1. says

    ARGON OIL. Go easy on it. But my daughter’s hair won’t get brushed without it. Haha. (And avoid the nastiness of Moroccan Oil – same thing with LOADS of chemicals.)

  2. Alessandra says

    I will surely do this detangling spray for my daughter and I. I love natural recipes, I am using my 100% natural deodorant spray: it works!!! And no chemical at all! Thank you!

  3. says

    I’m pinning this!! My DD’s hair is *just* long enough to start getting little rat’s nests in it when she tosses and turns in her sleep. It’s a pain brushing them out, and she hates it! I need to make this!

  4. says

    Hi! I enjoy all the cool things you share. For my hair I use ph 11.5 to clean followed by 6.0 water to rinse.This water is readily available in my home at my finger tips. Comes off of a water system. The system produces different ph levels of water.I do add lavender oil in a bit sometimes for relaxing. No chemicals! My hair is soft bouncy no tangles. A little argon oil for shine. Simply amazing!

  5. Jamie says

    I’ve been using a tbsp or so of ACV in boiled water with a few drops of lavender EO. It helps a lot plus is like a leave-in conditioner (and brings out highlights in the sun). I use it on my DD and myself. I like it a lot, but I am going to try this.

    • Carmella says

      The grapefruit seed extract is highly anti-oxidant and acts as a preservative and purifier. I also put a few drops in a bowl of water to soak fruits and vegetables in for a few minutes. It will nullify the chemicals used in growing the produce.
      Actually, I add it to all my homemade creams and lotions. It will extend the life of your product for months.
      Thank you for the lovely recipe. I tried it with grapefruit and find it very effective.

  6. Tracy Spangler says

    Thank you so much for posting this! My 2-year old daughter’s hair is so fine it gets immediately tangled the minute we stop brushing it. I’ve tried using coconut oil as a conditioner, but then it requires washing her hair several times to make her hair look ungreasy. I’m hoping this is the solution I’ve been looking for!

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