Healing Homemade Broths and Stocks


I wrote a very informative guest post on bone broths which you will find on GNOWFGLINS today!

Homemade broths and stocks are essential for everyone.  Making homemade stock is easy, economical, packed with health benefits and adds amazing flavor to any dish (also see post: How to make Bone Broth). Stocks can be made in a large stock pot on the stove top or in a crock pot and require little culinary skill and not much attention.  There are a variety of stocks you can make with herbs, vegetables, chicken, beef, fish, or any other meat you like.  All of them are full of health benefits that you won’t find in commercially produced stocks.

Read the rest of this post to learn more about the health benefits and learn how it will save you money to make homemade stock on GNOWFGLINS

Do you make homemade broth? What are your favorite recipes? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?


  1. Kristin Schilling says

    I LOVE making my own healthful chicken soup when any of us start into a sniffle or sneeze! I put a whole chicken in my large crock, cover with water, add 6 crushed garlic cloves, a whole quartered onion, about 1 inch sliced ginger root, turn on low and simmer from morning until dinner. I then strain everything from the liquid and use it for anyone sick to sip on, or add it back to the crock pot and use it as a base to homemade chicken soup.

    Another trick I have, especially if you are getting flu like chills and symptoms, is to put 2 crushed garlic cloves, quarter of an onion, and about 1/4 inch sliced ginger in a coffee mug. Then fill the mug the rest of the way up with boiling water and let it steep for 5-10 min. And drink up! Another really healthy ingredient to add to this is cayenne, as much or little as you like. This definitely gets your circulation going!

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