How to Build a Fairy Garden

As much as my daughter loves playing outside, sometimes she looks to me for things to do while she is outside – which I think has to do with her being an only child (not for long). Sometimes coming up with ideas is a stretch for my own creativity so I did some looking around on pinterest. Since she loves fairies, anything tiny, and gardening – we made her a fairy garden.

Without inspiration from others on the internet I would have been completely overwhelmed by this project. Trying to think of things to put in the garden without spending a lot of money was the challenge. We happened to have a perfect place for it because there is an old birth bath in our yard that has a crack in it so it won’t hold water. It is a great place for a fairy garden because it’s at the perfect height for a 3 year old.

Most of our inspiration came from these ideas on Pinterest…

First Use What You Have

Fairy gardens can be made with anything you want – I really wanted to do this without spending a lot of money so we first searched our yard for things we already had that we could use. For the container we used the old birth bath but you could also use a tree stump (as pictured above) or a wide bowl or planter. We dug up some moss that was growing in the grass and used that to make some little hills in the garden and also found some small plants and transplanted them into the garden. My daughter searched the yard for some interesting looking small rocks and painted them to use in the garden.

What I Purchased

This ended up being an inexpensive project because we were able to find a lot of things to use in our yard already. At the dollar store I purchased a bag of flat glass rocks to use as stepping stones which worked great. At the craft store, we got a tiny unfinished wood bird house to use as a “fairy house” for only $1.00. It worked perfectly because my daughter was able to paint it how she liked. We also got some tiny flower pots for $3.00, and two little birds for $4.00.

This was a fun project to do together. I helped her find things to use, and paint the rocks and fairy house. It took multiple days to work on it so it was something for her to do while I had other gardening work to get done. Now that the garden is done, she loves to check and see if any fairies have moved in and play pretend games with it. Using the internet for inspiration really helped me get ideas and help my daughter build her garden. I love that this project encourages imaginative play and is a way to get children in touch with nature.

Have you built a fairy garden with your children?


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