Meal Plan Monday 11/19/12

The plan this week is not as detailed as my usual plans due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week. A lot of cooking time will be preparing for the holiday and making things ahead of time for Thursday. My plan is to make some soups and crock pot items that will be little work and make a large amount for ample leftovers.

This is what I am going to make this week…

  • Portuguese Kale Soup (pictured above)
  • French Lentil Soup
  • Maple Sesame Chicken from Stacy Makes Sense new eBook Crock On (Launching today!! I recipe tested the Mexican Chicken stew recipe in this book and we enjoyed it)
  • Popeye snack bars from Kitchen Stewardship’s eBook Healthy Snacks to Go (this book is part of the Natural Living eBook Bundle)

Popeye Bars from Healthy Snacks to Go

We are a big fan of homemade snack bars (as many of you know I constantly make my version of Kind Bars and Larabars). After the Natural Living eBook bundle sale I have been reading through all the awesome eBooks I got and this week I spent some time reading Healthy Snacks to Go from Kitchen Stewardship. There are a lot of recipes in this book that I will be making. I made the Popeye Bars in this book because they are high in iron and also are grain-free. We are loving them and my family things they taste similar to the Larabars.

I am having so much fun reading through all these eBooks! If you missed out on this sale and you wish you had the chance to get all these great eBooks for less then $1.00 each – you are in luck because Keeper of the Home as decided to do a flash sale of this bundle for Cyber Monday.

In addition to the recipes I listed above I will be making at least two more Pumpkin Pies this week for Thanksgiving.

What are your cooking plans for this week? Will you follow a meal plan?

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