My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Spots on Cape Cod & Local Giveaways!

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You may or may not know that I live on Cape Cod.  I really still consider myself a New Yorker but I do love it here. When we first moved here it took me a while to find all the places where I could get healthy food. Even in the last couple of years there have been a lot more places with healthy food popping up. Since Cape Cod is a popular place to visit I thought I would share some of my favorite places to get healthy food – even some healthy treats (since we all want treats when we are on vacation).

White Lion Baking Company

white lion cupcakes

When I first moved to Cape Cod a few years ago there were very little gluten-free options. I heard rumors of a gluten-free bakery opening up through talking to people around town. Last year, I was excited to see a mention of it in the newspaper and hear that it would be included in the farmer’s market. When I finally met Liz Miles at the Farmer’s Market on Main st. in Falmouth, I realized that White Lion Baking Company was so much more then just a gluten-free bakery. All of the products are paleo which in my opinion is much better then just gluten-free because they are grain-free. She also uses top quality ingredients and natural sweeteners – which are all things I do with my own baked goods at home. Everything at White Lion is delicious, healthy, and high quality. It is a privilege to have a place to get something locally where I don’t have to compromise my own quality standards for a sweet treat. Visit Liz at White Lion Baking Company located at 439 Nathan Ellis Highway in Mashpee. Enter our giveaway below for the chance to win some grain-free granola and a paleo muffin mix.

Coonamessett Farm


Coonamessett Farm is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. I found this farm because I was looking for a place to get fresh produce that was not sprayed from a local source. Coonammessett provides that, and so much more. They have two options, you can join their CSA or you can become a farm member and pick  your own. We chose the pick your own option last year and really loved it. My daughter had so much fun picking all the vegetables and fruits – and so did I and my husband. It is a great way to show children where food comes from, how it grows, and when it grows in the growing season. Last year we went crazy over the blueberries and I am sure we will again this year. Visit Coonamesset Farm at 277 Hatchville Rd, East Falmouth. Visit their website here for more information about what you can pick now and membership options

Earthly Delights

earthly delights quinoa burgers

Earthly Delights was the first healthy restaurant my husband brought me to on Cape Cod. I love this place becuase the food is delicious, everything is made healthy, ingredients are organic and high quality, and the owners Tom & Mary are awesome. It’s always a pleasure to stop in there to get some nice healthy food from two really cool people. If you are around Osterville and looking for a healthy lunch this is the place to go. Visit Tom & Mary at Earthly Delights at 15 West Bay Rd in Osterville.  See the menu online here.

Chequessett Chocolate

chequessett chocolate shop

I spent a few summers in Truro and my pet peev was the lack of healthy food options. That has changed now with this new chocolate shop and cafe. Although chocolate might not seem like a health food, it can be if it’s made right. I met Katie, one of the co-owners, years ago and I am thrilled to see what she has built. The chocolate is made on site with lots of care and attention and doesn’t contain any unhealthy ingredients. It’s really delicious, dark and smooth – just how I like it. In the cafe they also have green juices, smoothies, and raw vegan treats. Next time I am in Truro I will definitely pick up some juices and smoothies for our beach day. Visit Chequessett Chocolate at 8 Highland Road in North Truro. Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win some of their delicious chocolates.

Amber Waves

Amber Waves is a great little health food store in Falmouth. As most “real foodies” do I make the rounds to different stores to get all of the things we need. There are a number of items I need regularly that I can’t get at the standard grocery store so my go to place is Amber Waves. They even have a small bulk food section with nuts, grains, seeds, beans, spices etc. Within the community of “healthy” people in town, Amber Waves is well known. It’s funny though, sometimes I’ll mention it to someone who isn’t a health nut and they will say, “there is a health food store in town??” If you are looking for some healthy staples like coconut oil or raw nuts, or even some organic ketchup and relish for a Cape Cod barbecue, Amber Waves is the place to go in Falmouth. Visit Amber Waves at 310 Dillingham Ave in Falmouth. 


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  1. Rhiana Wackenhuth says

    I’ve never been to Cape Cod, but now I want to take a vacation there! All of these places are right up my alley. Thank you for pointing them out. I will have to do some searching and see if we can plan a little getaway, just the hubby and I!

  2. Dina O'Neil says

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your favorite healthy Cape Cod spots, looking forward to visiting them and reading the other bloggers picks also :) So glad to hear about Earthly Delights, I’ve recently learned about them and have been looking forward to checking them out, with your recommendation I’m REALLY excited now!! That and Chequessett Chocolate – YUM!!

  3. Melissa says

    I’ve never visited Cape Cod, but it seems like a lovely place. Wish I could list a favorite spot, or come visit to find one! Vacation is overdue.

  4. Blessie Nelson says

    I have yet to visit cape cod, but from your article I would definitely like to visit the Coonamessett Farm first.

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