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Review & Giveaway: JEM Raw Organic Nut Butter

June 12, 2013 by Roxanne | Filed under Giveaways.

Today we have a great giveaway to announce. Three lucky readers will receive a jar of JEM Raw Organic Nut Butter!

JEM Raw Organics is originally a chocolate company. Their chocolates are made with simple, pure ingredients, blending superior raw, organic ingredients and never contain gluten, dairy, soy or processed sugar. They have just recently starting making their own specialty nut butters in some very unique flavors. One of the most popular flavors is the Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter – which is the flavor that the winners will get to try.

In addition to the unique flavors JEM Raw Organic Nut Butters are made with optimal digestion in mind. They are sprouted, dehydrated, and slow ground. Other nut butters you will find in stores are not treated with this type of care. Usually to get such a high quality nut butter you would have to make it yourself – that is a huge benefit of these nut butter products.

I was very excited to receive my sample of this product. We love nut butters and the unique blended flavors that JEM offers sounded delicious.  The Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter is really delicious, it has a warm cinnamon flavor and a sweeter taste then the usual almond butter. I enjoyed eating it on apple slices as a healthy dessert or snack. The great thing is that it is sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth without anything unhealthy. We also enjoyed this nut butter on top of my Almond Flour Brownies – that was really amazing. I always say, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring – and in this case it’s anything but boring!

Today I am planning on making gluten-free banana bread and was thinking how great it would be with some of this almond butter on top of it – kind of a healthy spin on a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

If you want to try JEM Raw Organic Nut Butters right away, they are offering 15% off web orders! Visit this link on Facebook to get the coupon code: 15% off JEM Raw Organic (Please note this link will not work on mobile devices).

What would you like to try with this almond butter?

Enter this giveaway below…


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Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting!


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35 Responses to “Review & Giveaway: JEM Raw Organic Nut Butter”

  1. Chocolate Hazelnut spread- ooohhh yum. they all sound delicious!

  2. Leslie Dye says:

    Sounds delicious! I’d love to win!

  3. Amy Ayers says:

    I LOVE nut butter! This stuff is so addictive. Great for snacking with fruit or on it’s own by the spoonful. Adding chocolate makes it even better. Would love to win a jar!!

  4. Leslie Dye says:

    Any of the chocolate butters sounds great to me!

  5. Jeffrey says:

    The Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter sounds awesome. I eat a brand of peanut butter that has coconut mixed in and I love it!

  6. Vera K says:

    I would like to try the Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter.

  7. Laurie says:

    The 72% raw, organic cacao bar.

  8. Lesa W. says:

    I would like to try the chocolate hazelnut spread.

  9. Rebekah says:

    The chocolate Hazelnut sounds great

  10. Chloe says:

    72% cacao bar. That sounds yummy!

    (I have previously downloaded the recipe book)

  11. Kristin S. says:

    I would love to try the chocolate hazelnut spread. This would be a great addition to our vegan lifestyle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Ginger says:

    I’m curious about the Super Berry Butter, would love to try it!

  13. Ruth says:

    I think my first choice would be the chocolate hazelnut spread. That just sounds great!

  14. Lara Baumann says:

    I’d love to try the raw cacao bars!

  15. Jen says:

    Do I have to choose, I’d love to try all!!!

  16. Andrea says:

    The Maqui Camu Super Berry Butter sounds amazing!

  17. Elena Vo says:

    The 55% Cacao Bar must be delicious.

  18. Michelle L. says:

    I.want.them.all. They look and sound delicious!

  19. Loura says:

    Any of the chocolate butters

  20. Jordan D says:

    The coconut cardamom almond butter sounds interesting!

  21. Karen D says:

    I want to try the Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter

  22. Angie N says:

    I love almond butter with my pink lady apples! Yummy! :)

  23. Pat M says:

    I saw your contest on FB. I am always looking for a great organic unpasteurized nut butter to enjoy in my banana ice cream, on celery, and my favorite treat – honey crisp apples.

  24. kathy b says:

    Maqui Camu Super Berry Butter

  25. Rebecca says:

    Chocolate hazelnut sounds amazing!!!

  26. HilLesha says:

    I’d love to try the Maqui Camu Super Berry Butter. :)

  27. Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter I am a HUGE fan of Cardamom

  28. Madeline says:

    I’d like to try the Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter.

  29. Mike says:

    if i don’t win this I’m definitely buying it, Looks SOOO good!

  30. Vivian says:

    Chocolate Hazelnut Spread sounds really yummy!

  31. Jamie B. says:

    Their Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter sounds divine. I’d love to try it with the coconut flour muffins I made recently.

  32. rachel says:

    I’d love to try the Coconut Cardamom Almond Butter or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

  33. Where can I get some in Portland?!?!?! :)

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