Ear Oil Cold Remedy

how to make ear oil

This cold remedy may sound strange to some people.  When I first heard it I thought it was a little different but at the time I suffered from chronic colds and congestion in the winter so I was willing to try anything.  This remedy was something I learned about when I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  One of the teachers at IIN was Dr. John Douillard who is an expert in Ayurveda and a Father to six children.  Dr. Douillard talked a lot about things he does on a regular basis to keep his children well.  He explained that garlic ear oil was one of the things he uses with his kids on a regular basis in the winter to avoid colds.

What is Ear Oil?

Ear oil is usually olive oil based and mixed or infused with herbs or essential oils.  I have seen Ear Oil’s sold in health food stores that have a few different varieties but I prefer to make my own because I can use exactly what I want and it is much cheaper.

How to use Ear Oil

Whether your ear oil is homemade or store bought the method is the same.  First, warm the oil with one of two methods.  The oil can be lightly heated in a skillet or if you have the oil already made or bought, store it in a glass bottle and heat water in a small pot and sit the glass jar in the water to warm it.  The oil only needs to be warm, not hot.  Once the oil is warmed, using a medicine dropper slowly drop the oil into the ear canal until the ear is filled with oil.  When doing this on myself, I use a cotton ball to plug up my ear after putting the oil in but when I do it on my daughter I use less oil and do not use cotton because she is so young she wouldn’t understand.  I have heard that some parents wait until their child is asleep and then drop the oil in their ears.  My daughter willingly allowed me to do it to her so I didn’t need to try this option but I thought it was worth sharing for anyone who has trouble getting their child to comply.

Dr Douillard says that he gives his children garlic ear oil regularly as a preventative method.  Personally, I use this as a remedy when I feel something coming on or when other members of the household are sick.  We find that it greatly reduces congestion because it lubricates the sinuses which somehow makes the body produce less mucus.  Also, the garlic in the oil helps to kill the germs causing the sickness because works great as an antibiotic.

How to make Garlic Ear Oil

Warm a skillet on the stove and pour a tablespoon or two of olive oil into the skillet.  Mince 1-2 cloves of garlic and place in the oil.  Warm the oil for a few minutes on very low heat.  Do not cook until the garlic browns, we only want to lightly infuse the oil.  Strain the garlic out of the oil and store in a small glass bottle with a medicine dropper.  This will last in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

Simple, inexpensive, and effective – my kind of remedy!

Do you use ear oil?  Do you have a different recipe?  What has your experience been?  Thanks for sharing!

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How to Make Elderberry Syrup

how to make elderberry syrup

We got very lucky this year and didn’t really get sick until last week! We all came down with congestion and cough. I guess the conventional protocol would be to give my daughter a decongestant and Tylenol but I would never use any of that stuff. Running the humidifier and diffusing some essential oils really helped all of us but the thing that really helped us get over it fast was elderberry syrup. You can buy it in the store but its much cheaper and healthier to make it yourself. The recipe makes a lot and costs much less then the tiny bottles you can buy pre-made. Also, making it yourself you can make it with raw honey which has added health benefits. The store bought bottle is made with cane sugar which isn’t beneficial at all.

How to make Elderberry Syrup:

1 cup dried elderberries, this is where I get mine
4 cups filtered water
1 cup raw honey
A 1-qt. mason jar with lid

Put the elderberries and water in a pot and heat until boiling. Once it boils let it cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it steep for 15 minutes in the pot.

Strain the liquid and pour into the mason jar. Let the liquid sit until completely cooled and then stir in the raw honey. To make it a thicker syrup, use equal parts honey to elderberry juice. Store in the refrigerator.

It’s a pretty easy recipe and saves a lot of money!