Why I Don’t Clip Coupons

It’s always great to get deals on things you consume often – especially food. That’s why coupon clipping sounds so appealing. A few weeks ago I saw on a news program that this man was a super coupon clipper and he clipped so many coupons he got a lot of things for free. He actually had something that looked like a mini sized super-market in his basement! That really is the ultimate coupon clipper. Free and practically free stuff sounds great but when you look at what you are getting, is it really worth it?

Why it’s not worth it:

Reason # 1 You’ll Never See a Coupon for Broccoli – The majority of the food I buy consists of whole foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and organic meat or poultry. You will never see a coupon for any of these items. Coupons are always for packaged and processed foods which are not the healthiest choices. I admit I do buy a box of gluten-free cookies or crackers every now and then but they are so much better when I make them myself (especially love the recipies in this book)

Reason # 2 I Use Cloth Diapers – Baby items are other products that you will see coupons for all the time like diapers and wipes.  Personally, I don’t believe in using disposable wipes or diapers because its a huge strain on our environment.  If you are an eco-mom then these coupons won’t help you out either.

Reason # 3 My time is better spent Cooking and Baking – Clipping coupons takes a lot of time and wasted gas money going around town getting the newspaper and visiting the stores with the best deals.  I would rather buy all organic whole foods and high quality flour and grains and spend the time I would have spent clipping coupons in the kitchen cooking and baking food that is much healthier then boxed food and much tastier!!