Homemade Herbal Cold Syrup


This week there seems to be a cold being passed around my family.  At the first signs I made sure I had all my cold fighting remedies on hand and ready for everyone to use.  We have used a lot of different herbs and combinations of herbs in the past and some work better then others.  This time I made a syrup that is working great.  My daughter was very congested the first day she came down with the cold but once I started giving her small and frequent doses of this syrup her body responded very quickly.

Herbal Cold Syrup

Pour the water and herbs into a sauce pan and bring to a boil for 3 minutes.  Turn off the heat and let steep for 30 minutes.  Pour the herbal infused water into a mason jar.  Let the water cool in the jar.  Once it has cooled add the honey into the jar and shake until blended.  Take small doses of this every 1-2 hours while you are sick.

Do you make your own herbal syrups?  What blends work well for your family?

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Two Herbal Teething Remedies your Kids will Love

Until last week we had a break from teething for about six months.  My daughter got her four front teeth on the top and bottom pretty quickly and all in a matter of a month or so which was good to get it over with in a short period of time.  The one year molars weren’t as bad as the first eight but none has compared to her eye teeth which started poking through about a week ago.  She is much more bothered by teething now then she was before.  She wakes up crying almost every other day and its hard to calm her down so I know its really bothering her.

Since it’s been a while since we dealt with teething I almost couldn’t find my bottle of Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets and went through them pretty quick.  When I went out searching for more I wasn’t able to get them so I opened up all my books on herbal remedies and decided to try a new one.  Now I am using a homemade recipe for Rose Hip Syrup and a Chamomile infusion.  Both seem to help with the symptoms and they taste great so there are no issues with administering the dosage.

I found the Rose Hip Syrup remedy in Rosemary Gladstar’s book, “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health.”  This is the recipe I made:

Rose Hip Syrup

  • 1/4 cup dried rose hips
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup sweetener (honey, maple syrup, vegetable glycerin, or brown rice syrup)

Add the rose hips and water to a pot and simmer for 30 minutes.  The liquid should be down to about half.  Strain the herbs from the water and pour the water into a mason jar.  Let the liquid cool and then add the sweetener into the jar and shake until blended.  A 1-to-1 ratio of sweetener to liquid is supposed to preserve it longer but I find it way too sweet (and so does Rosemary Gladstar).  If refrigerated it will last for several months.  The dosage is 4 to 6 drops every hour for infants and a teaspoon for older children.

Chamomile Tea Infusion

This is a very easy one and I owe it to my Mother.  Simply brew chamomile tea and put it in a bottle for your child.  My daughter likes the taste and I didn’t even sweeten it with anything.  It seems to calm her down when she is very upset about teething pain and discomfort.  I usually give this to her close to bedtime to get relaxed and ready for sleep.

Both Rose Hips and Chamomile can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs if you cannot find it in your health food store.

This was shared at Simple Lives Thursday and Things I Love Thursdays

I hope these remedies help you and your children.  If you have other herbal or natural remedies for teething that work for you please share them in the comments section.

The Power of the New Moon

This past Sunday was the new moon and was the planned day for this post.  Sunday was the day that Hurricane Irene hit us here and I have been without power ever since.  Now that I am finally back on the grid, I can resume my blogging schedule.

Speaking of hurricane Irene and the New Moon, the phase of the moon was one reason why Irene had instilled fear in the people on the East Coast.  The tides are affected by the moon and the New Moon brings a stronger tide then other days in the moon cycle.  The day that Irene was supposed to hit land was also the day of the New Moon so that was an added threat to the level of damage that was possible.

Every time there is a New Moon it brings special energy to the earth.  In many different teachings, the power of the moon is recognized.  It is discussed in certain types of yoga like Naam Yoga, also in gardening and in herbal medicine.  Plants thrive better when planted according to the moon and herbal tinctures are more potent when started on the day of the New Moon.

This theory about the New Moon applies to all areas of life.  The day of the New Moon and the two weeks that follow which is the waxing moon phase is the perfect time to start new projects.  Things that you begin during this period have a better chance at thriving and will have better results than if you started them during the waning moon period.  If you are planning something new in your life like a new business venture, getting married, or planting a seed try to coordinate your efforts with the moon and things will come easier to you.  Living in sync with the moon and nature is always a beneficial choice.  Why fight nature?  Use the power of nature and the moon to accelerate all things in your life.

In the same line of thinking, if you want to get rid of something in your life it’s best to do that during a waning moon period.  If you are trying to eliminate something from your diet or are getting a mercury filling removed it’s a good idea to do that during this moon phase.   The energy of the moon when it is waning works well with eliminating non-productive things in your life.

I hope this information helps you to live life with ease and have things come and go easier than before.  If you have experiences with this topic I would love for you to share it with me and the rest of the readers in the comment section.