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Homemade Herbal Cold Syrup

November 30, 2011 by Roxanne | 2 Comments | Filed in Eco & Toxin-Free Living, Holistic Lifestyle, Home Remedies

  This week there seems to be a cold being passed around my family.  At the first signs I made sure I had all my cold fighting remedies on hand and ready for everyone to use.  We have used a lot of different herbs and combinations of herbs in the past and some work better […]

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Two Herbal Teething Remedies your Kids will Love

September 14, 2011 by Roxanne | 13 Comments | Filed in Holistic Lifestyle, Home Remedies

  Until last week we had a break from teething for about six months.  My daughter got her four front teeth on the top and bottom pretty quickly and all in a matter of a month or so which was good to get it over with in a short period of time.  The one year […]

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The Power of the New Moon

September 1, 2011 by Roxanne | 1 Comment | Filed in Holistic Lifestyle

This past Sunday was the new moon and was the planned day for this post.  Sunday was the day that Hurricane Irene hit us here and I have been without power ever since.  Now that I am finally back on the grid, I can resume my blogging schedule. Speaking of hurricane Irene and the New […]

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