Inexpensive Summertime Home-made Treat

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to a summertime treat?  Probably ice cream!  That is what comes to my mind, cooling off with a nice cold ice cream cone.   I am raising my family to be dairy-free so we come up with other alternatives to the traditional ice cream cone.

Before I continue…Why dairy-free?  See my post; Eliminate this Food and Cure Your Allergies, for the complete details but the major reason why I chose not to give my daughter dairy is because of the results I got for myself when I stopped eating it.   Dairy products have been cited as a cause of many ailments including menstrual pains, asthma, excess mucus, allergies, skin conditions, and mood swings. Personally, I used to get sick with colds and strep throat multiple times each winter but when I eliminated dairy products from my diet this virtually disappeared.

Ice cream can be a hard thing to give up but not when you have a tasty alternative available in your freezer.  I make these pops for my daughter in the Annabel Karmel Fill and Freeze Puree Pops  It’s a really good size for toddlers and it has a handle that is easy for them to hold.  Not only is this a great ice cream alternative but it helps to ease sore gums from teething.

This is the recipe for the pop mold I am using but you can adjust the amounts for a larger adult size pop or a pop for older children:

1/3 cup fresh or frozen fruit, peeled and chopped

4 tbsp coconut milk, almond milk, or fruit juice

Put the fruit and liquid into a blender and blend until smooth.  Fill the pop mold with the fruit puree and freeze.

It is great to make a large batch at one time and put them into the freezer so they are ready to go when the kids want them.  If you have something on hand it makes it much easier to avoid the dairy alternatives.