How to Use Marshmallow Root

How to Use Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow is a perennial herb with thick white roots, heart shaped leaves and pink flowers. The roots, leaves, and flowers are used medicinally. It is a demulcent herb which is useful whenever a soothing effect is needed.

Marshmallow contains mucopolysaccharides which protects and soothes mucus membranes and provides natural mucilage so it can be helpful for many ailments including respiratory or gut healing.

Key Actions:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • diuretic
  • emollient
  • toning

Medicinal Uses:

  • Colitis
  • Diverticulitis
  • IBS
  • Gastritis
  • Coughs
  • Bronchial congestion
  • Sore throat

Marshmallow Cold Infusion Tea

The best way to receive all the demulcent benefits of marshmallow is by making a cold infusion. It's important to know that the beneficial mucopolysaccharides in marshmallow are destroyed by heat but a cold infusion will retain those properties.

Side note... What is the difference between an infusion and a tea? A tea is steeped for only a few minutes which releases the volatile oils in the herb. Herbs with lower amounts of volatile oils work better in an infusion. An infusion is the same process as making tea (with either hot or cold water) but it is steeped for a longer period of time, allowing the healing properties to be extracted.

How to Make a Cold Infusion


  • 3 Cups room temperature water
  • 2 tbsp. marshmallow root (a good source is Starwest Botanicals)

Pour water into a glass jar and stir the herb into the water and cover. Let steep at room temperature for 6-8 hours. Strain before drinking.

Marshmallow root tea can be a healthy addition to your wellness routine for gut healing and soothing of the intestines.

Other marshmallow root preparations include:

  • Infused oil
  • Decoction
  • Herbal Syrup
  • Poultice
  • Tincture

A marshmallow infused oil or a marshmallow poultice are used topically for it's emollient properties. It is a popular ingredient in many recipes for a natural hair detangling spray and it is an ingredient in some of our lip balms, like this one.

Have you used marshmallow root? How do you use it?

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