A Healthy Pillow More Comfortable Than Memory Foam

A Healthy Pillow More Comfortable Than Memory Foam

Originally posted February 2013 - Review: PlushBeds Natural Latex Pillow

This was an exciting request because I have been on the search for a good healthy pillow for a long time. I often wake up with neck pain and I know my pillow is to blame. Most people swear by the synthetic memory foam pillows but I refuse to get one because they are made from toxic materials (they also feel quite hard).

The pillows from PlushBeds are made with natural latex which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree and doesn't contain any chemicals. The pillow cover is also made of pesticide free cotton. I happily agreed to try the pillows and write my honest review. 

No VOCs Please

The popular memory foam pillows that most people use are made of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane emits toxic fumes  or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which you breathe in while you are sleeping. Breathing the fumes can be dangerous, especially for infants and children and can cause health issues. There are a few different kinds of polyurethane and some contain more VOC's then others. Another concern is that polyurethane is a synthetic material made from petroleum products. Therefore, its production furthers our dependency on fossil fuel resources. The production of synthetics from petroleum products is energy-intensive and often generates toxic waste byproducts. 

Natural Latex is Healthy

When I received my pillow from it initially felt great and I was very excited to sleep on it. The pillow is soft and molds to your head as you lay on it. It does have an almost rubbery or bouncy feel to it which I really like. I tend to be a side sleeper and I found it gave nice support to the neck while sleeping on my side. The material that this healthy pillow is made of is so comfy. This might sound weird but if I use a pillow that is too thick for me, I constantly wake up throughout the night with pins and needles. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased that this does not happen with this pillow (and it did happen when I used a synthetic memory foam pillow while staying at someone's house). I also feel much less tension in my neck upon waking then I have in the past with other pillows. 

Overall, I would highly recommend these pillows. They are very comfortable, safe to use, and provide good neck support to a side sleeper.  They are also healthy and do not off-gas toxic fumes, which is my number one concern in a pillow or mattress.  To learn more about this healthy pillow or to buy one yourself, visit the Plushbeds Website.

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