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  • How to Make Sole Water

    How to Make Sole Water

    What is Sole Water? Are you wondering how to make sole water? Sole water (pronounced so-lay) is a hydrating mineral tonic that is quick and easy to make and provides fast hydration. Sole is made by dissolving unrefined sea salt into water to created a concentrated solution you can add to a glass of water. If you…

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  • How to Make Rosewater

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    How to Make Rosewater

    You can easily learn how to make rosewater at home. During May and June in the northeast, there are beautiful roses everywhere. If you are like me, you may wonder how you can preserve that wonderful smell for a longer period of time. Rosewater is the perfect way to do that. Uses for Rosewater Rosewater…

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  • Best NonToxic Pillow

    Best NonToxic Pillow

    Looking for the best nontoxic pillow? Most people swear by the synthetic memory foam pillows but since you are here, you probably already know they off-gas VOCs into your home. This fact immediately crosses it off the list of options for the best nontoxic pillow. In 2013, PlushBeds asked me to try their latex pillow and…

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