Best Herbal Reference Books for Beginners

Best Herbal Reference Books for Beginners

The best herbal reference books for beginners are simple and easy to use. When you first start working with herbs there is a lot to learn.


If you are planning to forage for your herbs you will first need to learn plant identification. There are great books written for different regions of the world. These books reference all types of plants you might find in your area.

Herb Profiles

Even if you are not planning on foraging for your herbs it is still useful to know what the plant looks like. If you don't have knowledge of foraging and plant identification you can start by purchasing herbs from an herb shop. You will need an herbal reference book. This type of book will usually have a page for each herb. It will outline the plant constituents and actions, history, uses, and how to prepare them. This type of book is absolutely necessary when you are getting started.

Herbal Preparations

Another type of books that is necessary is one that describes the many different ways to prepare herbal remedies. It will detail the differences between making a tea or an infusion or a decoction. You will get instructions in the book for making syrups, tinctures, herbal vinegars, and more. I have some of these preparations details in step by step blog posts like how to make a tincture and how to make a cold infused oil. As you work with herbs you will learn which preparations are ideal for each type of herb or each type of ailment. It's very important to understand so why and the how for each type of preparation.


In addition to these basic types of books there are many herbals written by wonderful experienced herbalists. You may start to grow a collection of different books written by many different herbalist. The variety of recipes you will find is wide you will even find some different nuances in the way to make different herbal preparations.

When first starting out make sure you purchase herbals from experienced and knowledgeable herbalists I love every book that I own written by Rosemary Gladstar and I couldn't recommend her books enough. As you begin to work with plants you will figure out what type of herbalist you will be. Many herbalists use the folk method of creating Herbal Remedies (which is what I use). Others use more scientific methods including measuring and weighing. That is fine too and of course you will get great benefits from those remedies so it's really just personal preference on how you want to prepare your remedies. Here is my list of best herbal reference books for beginners.

best herbal reference books for beginners

Foraging Books for Beginners

Best Herbal Reference Books

Herbal Preparations Book

Herbals by experienced Herbalists

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