Author: The Holistic Mama

Homemade Cranberry Tincture

Share       It only takes two ingredients to make your own homemade cranberry tincture. If you have ever had a UTI and drank cranberry juice you have already witnessed what this berry can do for you. Cranberries are a widely known remedy for urinary tract infections for a good reason. Studies have shown that drinking cranberry juice […]

Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Share33 2   8SharesWondering about far infrared sauna benefits? If you are interested in natural detox and healing, chances are you have heard about the many far infrared sauna benefits. It is a powerful healing tool to incorporate in your life.  Infrared therapy is known to assist with detoxification, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, […]

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Share 1     1ShareTry this DIY coffee body scrub! Wake up and smell the organic coffee scrub? How can you achieve more youthful, healthier skin? With exfoliation, a really easy way to eliminate discoloration, wrinkles and cellulite. Go one step further and make organic coffee scrubs part of your weekly exfoliation – they’ll make your skin even healthier […]

Are Over the Counter Decongestants Harmful?

Share  1    1ShareAre over the counter decongestants harmful? When your child gets sick there are a number of responses from the body that show up as cold symptoms. These responses are natural ways that the body is trying to fight infection, remove toxins and promote healing. A fever is the body’s way of killing off germs. Mucus […]

Homemade Healthy Electrolyte Drink

Share317 1  12SharesMake a Homemade healthy electrolyte drink as a wonderful replacement for unhealthy store bought drinks like gatorade or powerade. Store bought drinks are typically full of high amounts of sugar, artificial sweeteners, dyes, and other unnatural ingredients. Pedialyte is another drink recommended by pediatricians but it’s full of artificial ingredients so I do not consider […]

Wild Rose Tincture Benefits

Share    1  1ShareIf you have wild roses in your yard or nearby you might consider making a wild rose tincture. Roses have a long history of apothecary use. Many different cultures have discovered its usefulness for similar ailments. The discovery of vitamin C in the early 1900’s has validated the reason roses have medicinal use. Preparations of […]