Author: The Holistic Mama

Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits for Women & How to Make It

      There are many benefits of raspberry leaf tea for women. For centuries it has been recognized as a uterine tonic by indigenous people. Native Americans have used raspberry leaf teas and extracts to treat pregnancy related problems. Today many women use raspberry leaf for pregnancy support and as a general women’s health herb. Key Actions […]

Put Down the Pedialyte. Here’s 7 Healthy Electrolyte Drinks

      There are many options for healthy electrolyte drinks. Pedialyte and Gatorade are two of my pet peeves.  The purpose of both of these drinks is to replenish electrolytes in the body. First off, does everyone know what electrolytes are and why we need them?   What are Electrolytes? The word electrolyte has become a term […]

The Best Healthy Gluten free Lemon Blueberry Muffins

    1 These gluten-free lemon blueberry muffins don’t even seem like gluten-free muffins. When I finally perfected this recipe, the kids said, “Mom, these are like real muffins.” 🙂 They know I always bake everything gluten-free. Ingredients You Need for Gluten-free Blueberry Muffins Gluten free Flour Mix I Use In this recipe I typically use the King […]

Effective All Natural Retinol Alternative for Beautiful Skin

11 2  There is a natural retinol alternative that is safe to use with great results. Most women have used products that contain retinols to achieve great looking skin because it works. But at what cost? What is Retinol? Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. The active agent in retinol is retinoic acid which promotes cell […]