Homemade Mouthwash Recipe

Want an easy homemade mouthwash recipe? This recipe is healthy and tastes good enough for children to use. Why would you want to make your own mouthwash? Well, when I took my first child to a (conventional) dentist I asked her if she thought mouthwash was a good idea for kids. She said no, which was surprising. After being very unsatisfied, I traveled far to see a holistic dentist who was an advocate for natural mouthwashes for children. Mouthwash sounded like a really easy way to upgrade our nightly brushing routine.

The first problem with most kids mouthwashes is they contain fluoride, which is a known toxin. After ruling out those products, there are still unfavorable ingredients like artificial colors and flavors or high alcohol content. After all that label reading, it's just easier to make a homemade mouthwash recipe.

Healthy Mouthwash Ingredients

  • Xylitol – Research has shown that this sweetener helps to repair tooth enamal. It also balances the PH in the mouth to prevent decay.
  • Aloe Vera- Aloe helps to fight plaque and gum disease.
  • Calcium Carbonate – Calcium helps to keep teeth strong and harden soft or weakened enamal
  • Trace Minerals – to help remineralize tooth enamel
  • Witch hazel – Witch hazel is astringent which means it helps to keep gums tight and healthy
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory which helps to keep teeth and gums healthy while getting rid of germs. Some good oils to use:
    • Lemon
    • Orange
    • Clove
    • Peppermint
homemade mouthwash recipe

Natural Mouthwash Recipe

Add all of the ingredients into a mason jar, cap the jar and shake until everything is combined. Pour the mixture into a smaller bottle to use in the bathroom. The xylitol makes it sweet tasting and when you use essential oils like lemon and orange it's very kid-friendly.

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