healthiest packaged snacks swaps

Healthiest Packaged Snack Swaps

The healthiest packaged snack swaps are usually the ones with the least amount of ingredients on the label. That is one way to find something quickly when choices are limited. Even if you are diligent about making homemade food, packaged snacks are sometimes needed.

Packaged snacks come in handy for traveling, school snacks, or something to keep in the car. If you are like me, you still want these snacks to be somewhat nutritious, free from unhealthy ingredients, and low in added sugar. This is a list of the healthiest packaged snack swaps you can give your children without guilt.

Made Good Crispy Squares

Made Good snacks are great for lunchboxes – especially if you need to pack allergen free snacks at your child's school. The Crispy Squares are far healthier then your typical rice crispy treat that contains corn syrup and vegetable oil, two very unhealthy ingredients.

Made Good Granola Bars

Most granola bars are loaded with sugar but these have only 6g per bar. The oats are organic and gluten-free. Like their other products, Made Good granola bars are also allergen free and safe for school lunches.

Lesser Evil Popcorn

LesserEvil Popcorn is made with coconut oil which makes it a top choice. Most popcorn contains unhealthy seed or vegetable oils. The popcorn is also organic which is important since so many popcorn brands are GMO corn.

Organic Dates

Dates are sweet and satisfying, even kids enjoy them. They are also full of minerals and fiber, a very healthy snack.


This whole food snack is a good source of protein and amino acids. Pistachios are tasty and salty enough for kids to enjoy. The individual snack bags also make these convenient.

Organic Dried Mangos

Dried mangos are a kid favorite. They are sweet and chewy and also satisfy a sweet tooth. Mangos are high in vitamin C and fiber. Make sure to buy organic unsweetened mangos with no sulfites.

Frooze Balls

Lastly, frooze Balls are made with fruit and nuts. All are whole food ingredients. While they are not organic, they are still a good option when it comes to pre-made snacks.

These are the healthiest packaged snack swaps that your kids will actually eat. Also try this snack recipe for Homemade Organic Larabars.

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