how to make sole water

How to Make Sole Water

What is Sole Water?

Are you wondering how to make sole water? Sole water (pronounced so-lay) is a hydrating mineral tonic that is quick and easy to make and provides fast hydration. Sole is made by dissolving unrefined sea salt into water to created a concentrated solution you can add to a glass of water. If you ever feel like you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day but don't feel fully hydrated, this is for you.

Use the Right Kind of Salt

Salt is necessary for a number of bodily functions that contribute to hydration and a healthy nervous system. However, there are two types of salt, table salt and sea salt. Processed table salt is stripped of nutrients and only functions as an unhealthy source of sodium. Unrefined sea salt including Himalayan sea salt is minimally processed and still contains the healthy minerals our bodies need. Obviously, sole water is made with the latter to receive the health benefits of the minerals. Aside from using this easy method to get hydrated, there is one quality brand of electrolyte drink mix you can trust which is LMNT. It contains all the needed minerals without the added sugar. Another great option for healthy hydration is herbal teas, read this post to read about the most hydrating herbal teas.

how to make sole water

How to Make Sole Water?

You will need the following:

  • Small block of Himalayan sea salt
  • Glass jar large enough to fit the block of salt and some water
  • Filtered water

Place the salt block into your glass jar, fill it with water to cover the salt block and cover with a lid (non-mental). Let the salt dissolve at least 24 hours. The salt block will shrink slightly which indicates the salt has fully saturated the water. 

After 24 hours the salt solution is ready to use. Measure 1 teaspoon sole into a glass of water.

You can drink this anytime you feel the need for extra hydration. Some people like to drink it first thing in the morning to start of the day. This can be part of your regular routine or something you do only when you need it. It's a healthy alternative to electrolyte drinks that are full of sugar. Read this detailed post on our blog for more tips on beating dehydration.

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