LEVO oil infuser review

Honest LEVO Oil Infuser Review & If it’s Worth it

Here's my LEVO oil infuser review. I purchased the Levo C about 2 years ago. The reason this machine was so interesting to me is because I make a lot of herbal infused oils. This machine is ideal for infusing dried herbs into oils, glycerin, honey or syrup.

Infusing Methods

Before I owned the Levo there were 2 methods I was using to infuse herbs into oils. The first method is a folk method of infusing oils which is also called a cold infused oil. I still use this method for oils that I don't need to use right away. This method of oil infusing is detailed on this blog post if you're interested in reading how to do that. It creates very potent oils but it takes 6 weeks to have your final infused oil.

The other method I was the heat infused oil method. There are two ways to make a heat infused oil. One is using a double boiler on the stove top or alternatively using the crock pot for larger box batches. The downside to both methods is that it's very difficult to regulate the temperature. If the temperature goes too high you can damage the oil or the herbs. The other downside is that you have to watch over the herbs for several hours.

LEVO oil infuser review

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Benefits of the LEVO C

The LEVO oil infusing machine is superior to those two methods because it keeps the oil an even temperature for up to 10 hours. It is also not necessary to watch over the infusion so it is a set it and forget it machine. I really like that I can have my oils infusing in the levo while I'm doing other things.

The LEVO C model allows for a larger capacity than the other machines. It has a glass pitcher for the oil (like a coffee maker). Inside the glass pitcher is an infusion pod which hooks onto the side. The instructions say to put your herbs into the infusion pod and pour the oil into the glass picture. I used the levo this way for at least a year I always felt that the oils didn't get strong enough.

Experimenting with the LEVO

Interestingly, the infusion methods on the stove top or the crock pot seemed to produce a better infused oil. After some experimenting, I decided not to use the infusion pod. I put the herbs directly into the LEVO pitcher with the oil. This was a game changer for me. The oils were coming out much better and comparable to the previous heat infused methods I was using. From what I have read, the other Levo models now have a Power Pod. These larger pods allow more surface area for the oil to reach onto the herb. I believe that was the issue with the pod in the Levo C. The herbs are packed into the little pod and the oil doesn't get the ability to fully Infuse all of the herbs.

Straining the Herbs

When infusion is done (without the pod) I then need to strain the herbs out of the oil. Fortunately, there are several tools out there for straining herbs out and I have a few of them and they all work pretty well. I really like this herb press for tinctures and oils.

Honest LEVO oil infuser Review

I hope my levo oil infuser review is helpful to you. If you thinking of purchasing the Levo C this is the method that I received the best results. Finally, I highly recommend the LEVO C if you like to let your oils infuse all day without the need to watch over them. It would be great one day if they came out with a Power Pod for the LEVO C. That would eliminate the need for straining out the herbs from the final infued oil. Until then, I will use the no-pod method!

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