THIS Experience Inspired my Vegan Friend to Eat Meat
Yes, that’s right. My vegan friend ate meat. I’ll also tell you that as a result of the same experience, I went from a meat eater to a vegan (I ate a vegan diet for 2 years but I don’t anymore). You might be thinking, how could two people go through the same experience and end up with complete opposite results?

In September of 2007, I walked into my first nutrition class at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York’s Columbus Circle, and when I left my view of diet, health, spirituality, and life had completely changed.

Back to my story… In the first class weekend I met a lot of people and made fast friends with many of them. One of the people I met was a vegan, and was very dedicated to it, as most vegans are.

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What Should I Eat? The Answer Might Surprise You.

The concept of bio-individuality is one of the first things I learned when I attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Bio-individuality means that each one of us is different. We have different genetic makeup and come from different ancestry. We have different blood types, different body chemistry, and each one of our bodies thrive on different foods. One person’s food can be another person’s poison.

This makes the science of nutrition very hard for many of us to grasp. One day we are told to avoid butter and the next day we are told how amazing it is for our health. What can we believe? The answer is actually inside you, it’s just a matter of experimenting and listening to your own body to discover it.

First of course, make sure your food is real whole foods that can be found in nature – no processed junk. As long as you start there, you are on the right path to finding your answers.

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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Eat Gluten-free

reasons you should not eat gluten free

While eating a gluten-free diet can be life changing for people who have certain conditions, it can be less meaningful for others. Gluten-free is an ever expanding movement in the natural health community. There are some good reasons for this and some bad reasons. Eating gluten-free can save a person’s life, seriously. A person with Celiac Disease must follow this diet to save their own life and prevent serious diseases down the road. This is the reason why the gluten-free movement has evolved into what it is today. There seems to be some serious confusion on why people choose this diet. For a Celiac sufferer, it is not a choice.

Personally, I am not diagnosed with Celiac disease. Natural health and nutrition is my life (obviously!) so I am pretty in tune with my body. I’ve experimented with hundreds of different diets and put a lot of thought and energy into understanding how I feel when I eat a certain way. Out of all this experience I found that I react to gluten. Can this be reversed? Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that I am considered non-celiac gluten sensitive. Research is still being done on this condition, some studies have even shown that this is not a real thing but being a person of this group I beg to differ. I’ll tell you a story…

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Natural Solutions for Eczema [& My Salve Recipe]

eczema salve recipe

Eczema was something I have never dealt with personally until this Winter. My son started getting very dry skin and at first, that’s all I thought it was, dry skin. I kept putting lotions and oils on him and it seemed to help temporarily but it wasn’t going away. Later I started seeing tiny red bumps and some small red patches on his skin. As it turned out, it was a mild case of Eczema. Once I knew what it was I started a natural remedy protocol. There are a few different things that can be done and also some diet considerations that might help.


Some cases of eczema can be related to diet. Stubborn reoccurring cases are a sign that there could be a food intolerance. The rash is a reaction to a food that does not agree with your child. As stated on, “Some studies of children and young people with atopic eczema found that one-third to nearly two-thirds also had a food allergy.”

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Is “Gluten-free” Always Healthy?

two slices white breadWith Celiac Disease on the rise, and a growing intolerance to gluten, there are more and more people who are avoiding wheat. This expanding movement has created a whole new industry for gluten-free foods. Anyone who has gone to a grocery store in the last couple of years has seen the influx of new gluten-free products on a monthly basis. People with Celiac Disease often seek out gluten-free alternatives that are wheat-like in taste and texture and food companies have picked up on it.

So here’s why this isn’t always a good thing…

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Could Avoiding THIS Get Rid of Diabetes Symptoms Once and for All?

Did you know that, according to the American Diabetes Association,  an estimated 10% of people with type 1 diabetes also have Celiac disease? Celiac disease is a digestive disorder caused by an intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and a few other common grains. The fact that there is a good number of people with both of these conditions shows that there is a strong link between Type 1 diabetes and gluten intolerance. This number does not even include people with gluten intolerance or people who have not been diagnosed with Celiac Disease yet which means that an even larger percentage of type 1 diabetics are likely experiencing symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

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