Homemade Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

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diaper rash cream

Natural and toxin-free diaper rash cream is one of those things that is NOT easy to find. When I had my first child I was on a mission to find a diaper cream that worked and wasn’t full of toxic ingredients. They usually have a very long list of ingredients and a lot of them are not familiar terms. After searching and searching, I decided to make my own so I could control the ingredients and keep the cost down.

There is only one commercial diaper rash cream that I use when I run own of my own and that is Burt’s Bee’s Baby Bee Diaper Ointment. The ingredients are pretty good, it’s not too expensive, and most importantly – it works. This is one of my favorite homemade versions that I make for my children.

Diaper Rash Cream Recipe

In a double boiler, melt the coconut oil, shea butter, and bees wax. I often use a glass measuring cup or a mason jar as the double boiler. Remove the jar or measuring cup from the pot and add the zinc oxide. Mix with an immersion blender (mine has a whisk attachment). Drop in essential oils and mix again. Transfer to a glass jar to store (or just put a cover on the mason jar you used as the double boiler). Use as you would any commercial diaper rash product.


A Note on Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Oil for Children

I have gotten many questions about the use of lavender and tea tree oils with babies and young children because of this widely cited study that stated these oils may cause estrogen imbalance. After reading through information about this I personally don’t feel it is something of concern for the following reasons…

  • The sample pool is only 3 children – 3 boys ages 3, 7 and 10
  • The “product” used is not clear
  • The quality or amount of the essential oils used in the study is unknown
  • It is not clear if there is anything else in the “product” used that could be possible hormone distruptors such as parabens or dimethyl sulfoxide – a substance often used to dilute oils and a known estrogen mimicker

It is your decision to make if you feel comfortable with it or not. I chose to continue to use these oils on my children.

Do you make your own diaper rash cream? Why? or Why not? Please share with us in the comments below.


Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting!


Are you Hungry for a “Clean food” Cook Out? {Giveaway}

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clean food cook out

It’s summertime – and that means its barbecue season. The traditional supermarket hamburgers and hot dogs are out (it’s sooo last season)! Clean meat is in.

You are not alone. Millions of Americans have been suffering from bad meat decisions. Hooked on hot dogs full of steroids and chemicals, you’ve been chowing down at barbeques and trying to quiet the guilt (and likely indigestion) in your stomach.

Abscorbic acid? sodium diacetate? Let’s be frank, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you definitely shouldn’t be eating it. That’s why Applegate is staging a Wienervention.

An Applegate Wienervention is the first step to a cleaner wiener with simple ingredients – just beef, water, salt, and spices. By choosing Applegate hot dogs, you can release yourself from hot dog remorse.

I received my clean hot dog kit from Applegate a few weeks ago and we really enjoyed everything. It included gluten-free buns from Rudi’s which is one of my favorite brands of gluten-free bread products. They really do taste like the real thing. Hot dogs have been a no-no for me and my family because the conventional hot dog brands do not live up to my “clean eating” standards but Applegate has changed that…

Applegate gives us “real foodies” the chance to have a hot dog once in a while and not feel guilty about it.

For the last 7 years I’ve been eating clean. Until I discovered applegate products I completely gave up on hot dogs and cold cuts. It’s great to now have the option to eat these foods from time to time and share them with my family without having to worry about giving them harmful chemicals and processed garbage. I have to admit, it actually feels a little liberating!

Wienervention kit 2

Applegate has generously offered to send a kit to one of my readers! The winner of this kit has the opportunity to share these clean hot dogs with their friends and share the reasons WHY to choose a BETTER hot dog. It’s an opporuntity to start the conversation around eating better quality foods without totally giving up on a family favorite.

Are you ready to talk to your family about clean eating? Cook up some Applegate hot dogs and talk about it! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Enter to win this kit from Applegate in the rafflecopter box below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Heal Ear Aches, Dandruff & Skin Infections with This Powerful Remedy

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tea tree remedy

Essential Oils (in my opinion) are some the most powerful healing tools we have available on Earth. The wide range of ailments that can be cleared up by using essential oils is an endless list. Each essential oils has specific healing power for different problems but many individual oils can solve a number of different problems on their own.

There are a handful of essential oils that I ALWAYS have on hand. Having young children definitely brings around a lot of different germs to deal with so as things come up I find more and more favorite essential oils. One of the oils I keep on hand is Tea Tree Oil or also know as Melaleuca oil.

Tea Tree Oil is an extraordinary antiseptic. It is one of my first choices in fighting against bacterial infections. Tea tree oil supports beneficial bacteria and helps eliminate harmful bacteria which makes it a safer option then conventional antibiotics for minor infections. Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for traditional antibiotics for serious conditions – but the overuse of antibiotics has lead to more serious antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Ear Aches

Ear infections and ear aches are common childhood ailments. My first child never got an ear infection as an infant but finally did have one when she just turned 4 years old. We used Ear Oil (read about how to make it here) for her infection and the pain was gone by the end of the day. Although I did continue the regimen for a few days to make sure it was gone. Tea Tree Oil is a great add-on to the ear oil remedy. Add 1-3 drops of tea tree oil to the garlic ear oil to give it some extra healing power.


Tea tree oil is an effective anti-fungal remedy. Dandruff can occur from a number of different reasons but one common cause is a yeast-like fungus. People who suffer from this type of dandruff have had success with adding a few drops of tea tree oil to their regular shampoo. The anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil help to clear up this infection. However, when an infection is present it is also smart to consider the underlying cause of it. One possible cause here could be a lack of Omega 3′s in your diet.

Skin Infections

Tea tree oil has qualities that make it a powerful agent against bacteria and fungus. It’s antiseptic qualities make it a perfect option for a preventative measure and a healing tool. Tea tree oil ointments (such as the one in my online shop) are a natural alternative to antibiotic creams for cuts and scrapes to prevent any infections. It is also a good option for treating open wounds that have already been infected. It can be diluted in a carrier oil, added to a salve, or used straight for serious infections.

Read this page for my recommendation on the best brand of essential oils to buy and how to get them.

Do you use Tea Tree Oil? What do you use it for? Please share in the comments.


Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting!


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