how to make greens powder

How to Make Greens Powder

This post will show you exactly how to make greens powder yourself. Leafy greens are packed with vitamins and minerals and most people don't eat enough of them. This is exactly why greens powder is so popular. The drawback is that a quality greens powder can be quite pricey. If you have a garden and grow kale, swiss chart, collard greens, or any other leafy green, you can use them to make your own greens powder for next to nothing. Some greens will last in your garden through late Fall. Without a cold frame, they won't last after a frost so this is a great way to preserve those vegetables for use in the Winter. Of course you can also do this will store bought greens if you wish.

Step One: Wash & Blanch

Most leafy greens – especially swish chard and kale – contain oxalates. Oxalates are organic compounds naturally found in some vegetables that bind to minerals and prevent absorption. Blanching the greens helps to reduce some of these compounds. It also helps to be sure the greens are clean before dehydrating.

  1. Tear or rough chop the greens.
  2. Boil water in a pasta pot with a strainer and place the greens in the water for 5 minutes.
  3. Strain out the greens and place on a kitchen towel to drain some water. 
Step Two: Dehydrate

Use a food dehydrator like the excalibur to thoroughly dehydrate the greens.

  1. When the greens are cooled and patted dry, transfer them to the rack of your dehydrator.
  2. Turn on the dehydrator to 95-105 and dehydrate for a few hours until it is dry and crispy.
Step Three: Blend

After a few hours in the dehydrator the greens should be dry and crispy.

  1. Remove the greens from the dehydrator trays and transfer to your vitamix or other high powered blender.
  2. Process in the blender until it is a fine powder. Make sure the blender container is completely dry before starting this process to avoid adding back any moisture.
  3. Once it is processed, store in an airtight container.

How to Use Greens Powder

Greens powder can be used as an add-in for smoothies. It does add a green color but not as much as fresh greens (some kids are reluctant to drink anything green, I know). Add greens powder to dips like this hummus or homemade salad dressings. You can also use this in soups to add even more nutrition. Keep in mind that some vitamins are lost when they are heated but there are still plenty of health benefits to adding greens powder to cooked food.

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