Natural Headache Relief

There are some ways to get natural headache relief. Headaches are very annoying. Especially when you are chasing around a couple of small children. It is very easy to turn to Tylenol for headache relief but is it really good for you? Tylenol is one of the most commonly used medications for pain and it is also the leading cause of acute liver failure in America today, as stated in this article. Damage to your liver can occur if you overdose on this medication. Natural headache relief is possible.

There is also information out there that suggests taking Tylenol during pregnancy may affect the development of the unborn child. This article refers to a study on pregnant women who took Tylenol for at least 28 days during their pregnancy and their children had developmental symptoms that align with the symptoms of the Autism spectrum. To avoid any possible damage to yourself or your child, there are safe alternative natural ways to reduce pain from a headache.

Natural Headache Relief Methods


This sounds too simple but actually one major cause of headaches is dehydration. Sometimes simply drinking a few glasses of water will provide headache relief. If you know that you are a person who forgets to drink enough water a great way to combat this problem is to get yourself a reusable water bottle like a Klean Kanteen and keep it with you at all times. The more you do this you will get used to the idea of drinking water.


Lack of protein in your diet can also be a cause of headaches. If you eat a diet that does not provide enough protein it can be the source of chronic headaches. Starting with a protein rich breakfast is a great way to stop headaches before they start. If you suspect that you might not be eating enough protein a food journal is a great way to figure out if this is your problem.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are extremely potent and can be a way to relieve headache pain. Place a few drops of lavender essential oil in a diffuser to help ease pain. Another way to get relief is to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil in a little olive oil or sesame oil and gently massage it into your temples. My favorite essential oils and diffusers are from Young Living.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is a helpful tool to have to help ease symptoms and get natural headache relief while also aiding the body in healing rather then masking the existence of symptoms. Try Hyland's Headache Tablets.

Chiropractic Care

The root cause of many headaches stems from chronic neck pain. Mothers who are constantly carrying around little children and picking them up from low places can strain their neck muscles without realizing it. Try visiting a chiropractor if you have chronic headaches and neck pain for some natural headache relief.


Turmeric helps to reduce inflammation. Taken in pill form, like these, at the first sign of a headache it can really help to stop the pain. Also, for chronic headaches it can be taken daily or added to your food. Another delicious way to take turmeric is by making golden milk.

These are all safe and effective methods to relieving the pain of a headache. This way you are also getting at the root cause of the headaches to prevent them in the future and also using gentle remedies to help with pain management. Eating a healthy diet rich in herbs and spices and healthy sources of protein will help to prevent future headaches.

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